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Personal Training

Make it Personal

Why choose Cynergi Personal Trainers? Cynergi offers a diverse mix of personal trainers, all internationally qualified, and each boasting different areas of expertise and experience. Scroll through their profiles below to find your match!


You’ll have your own cheerleader with you every step of the way, pushing you and motivating you with your best interest at heart. Your trainer will change up the exercises according to your mood and preferences, so you’ll never get bored!


You’ll have your very own educator and communicator, from who you’ll learn all about exercise and your body’s response to it and how best to attain your goals. You’ll also maximise your time and training results with targeted workouts tailored specifically for you.


Your Personal Trainer will be committed and in turn make you committed to staying on track and training effectively through a structured and regular exercise programme.

Aaron Personal Trainer

I am a qualified BSc(Hons) Nurse, working at Mater Dei Hospital as a Cardiac Intensive Care Nurse. In addition, I act as a weight management facilitator helping coach, motivate and advice people dealing with weight issues. I’m also professionally active in Cardiac Rehabilitation, sharing knowledge and advice on dietary modification for a better, healthier lifestyle.

Before joining the Cynergi team, I underwent training affiliated with the UK-based examination group OCR, successfully achieving Level 2 Gym instructing and Level 3 Personal Training certification. My special interests are weight management and weight training. As part of my continuous professional development, I am currently undertaking training towards my qualification to teach indoor cycling.

At the moment I am undertaking a masters Degree, specialising in Exercise and Nutrition Science, at the University of Chester in the United Kingdom. I am to use the knowledge I gain from these studies to better understand the needs of my clients, and help them achieve their goals in a more holistic and professional manner.

Bea Personal Trainer

Sport has always played a key role in my life and I have always enjoyed engaging in physical activity. I have been training intensively in many areas of sport and it has shown me the benefits of fitness. After experiencing many sports, my drive for more information on how to improve the body, mind and performance led me from primary school teaching to fitness instructing. This combination, of being passionate about teaching and having a keen interest in fitness, became the foundation and inspiration of my new career.

As a personal trainer I use my varied fitness background and qualifications to provide professional fitness programmes. I have considerable experience with clients who want to lose weight and tone up and I am competent in pre and postnatal fitness.

Daniel Personal Trainer

Sports has always been a huge part of my life. I work full-time as a Physical Education teacher and part-time as a Fitness Instructor at Cynergi. I am also part of the Personal Training team. In 2015 I obtained a Level 2 degree in Gym Instruction and in 2017 the Level 3 in Personal Training. I am also a former footballer, and played with almost all of the Maltese divisions. In 2015 I ended my career in football and I am now a competitive Powerlifter.

As a Personal Trainer I use my varied background to provide safe and effective exercise. I have experience with clients who want to lose weight, build muscle and also with those competing in Powerlifting competitions.

Gillian Personal Trainer

I began my fitness career in the early 90s when fitness in Malta was booming, obtaining my RSA (Royal Society of Arts) UK qualification in exercise to music.

I started freelancing at various clubs in Malta, gaining experience and regularly attending conventions in Europe, subsequently qualifying to teach in all areas of studio fitness including indoor cycling, body conditioning, step, hi/lo aerobics, Reebok core training, flexible strength, stability ball training and BOSU.

In 2006, I successfully graduated from the University of Malta with a Diploma in Sports & Leisure Studies and began looking into the possibility of offering courses in exercise to music to local students. Affiliated with OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts), a registered awarding body within the fitness industry, I directed my first course in exercise to much in 2008, and continued my own education – obtaining my OCR certification in Advanced Gym Instruction & Personal Training (Level 3).

Jay Personal Trainer

I’ve been involved in various sporting activities consistently since a child - playing basketball to a reasonably high level in the UK, teaching football at sports camps in the US, running half marathons and entering natural bodybuilding competitions.

Over the past few years my experience and knowledge for resistance training and the associated nutrition has grown and my greatest passion has become body transformation - helping people to improve their body composition and image through carefully planned workouts and diet plans. When you feel more comfortable in your own skin you find more confidence in various other areas of your life, from work to relationships.

I’m currently training for my next fitness model show in London, so I know exactly what it takes to achieve the physique you desire!

Keith Personal Trainer

My interest in fitness and sports started at a very young age, my favourite being tennis. At the age of 16, I started my education in the fitness industry. I began freelancing at different clubs in Malta, gaining experience along the way. I also worked at KMS as a Fitness Coach for children ages 3-7 years, coaching them and teaching them the physical components of fitness. I also am a tennis coach for children under 9 years of age.

I have obtained MCAST Level 2 BTEC Fitness Diploma in Sport (Exercise and Fitness) and MCAST BTEC Level 3 Extended in Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness). I am also qualified as a Fitness instructor (OCR Level 2) and a personal trained Active IQ Level 3. My recent qualification is as a TRX suspension and rip trainer.

My aim is to help individuals in general and guide them to achieve their personal goals.

Sue Personal Trainer

My physical fitness stems from a dance background, which has given me a great sense of discipline and an attitude of ‘mind over matter’: something which translates into every aspect of my life. I gained my gym/experience to music instructor qualifications a few years ago, later stepping up to become a qualified personal trainer. This career choice has fuelled my passion to inspire, motivate and teach others about something that will impact their lives in a very positive way.

Whilst promoting safe and effective exercise (through appropriate client screening, consultation and evaluation) in an effort to improve levels of fitness and maintain enhanced health and wellbeing, I am committed to continuously updating my knowledge and education in this industry in order to provide my client with challenging workouts enabling them to achieve their goals through tailor-made programmes.

The philosophy I preach is to love yourself enough to commit to a lifestyle change and to always be true to your wellbeing. I look forward to take you on that journey!

Your first session is free, without obligation.

8 sessions €200/month
(per session equivalent €25)

12 sessions €264/month
(per session equivalent €22)

16 sessions
(per session equivalent €19)
*All sessions must be used within the calendar month

3 sessions €84
(per session equivalent €28)

1 session €35
*All sessions have to be used within 30 days from purchase

Doubling Up

Not quite ready to go in it alone or is budget an issue? Get together with one of your gym buddies for personal training sessions and benefit from special rates.

8 sessions €300/month
(per session equivalent €18.75 per person)

12 sessions €396/month
(per session equivalent €16.50 per person)

16 sessions €456/month
(per session equivalent €14.25 per person)
*All sessions must be used within the calendar month

3 sessions €126
(per session equivalent €21 per person)

1 session €52
*All sessions must be used within 30 days from purchase

The only person who can decide where your life is heading is you. Act on it NOW! Call us on 23710700, speak to a member of the team, or email cynergi@edenleisure.com to take your next step!

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