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Strength Training at Cynergi Malta

Cynergi is equipped with Hammer Strength Machines - the world’s leading strength training equipment for elite athletes and for everyone who has the desire and determination to train like one. Our refurbished gym boasts plate-loaded machines, a new squat lunge machine, a plate-loaded pullover machine and two heavy duty half racks to give you the most versatile strength training experience.

Why Hammer Strength? 

Hammer Strength equipment was designed with the help from the NFL team Cincinnati Bengals and it was constructed with biomechanics in mind - to build machines that move the same way the body does. The machines are proven to reduce tension and provide exercisers with increased stability and control. Using Hammer Strength rewards hard work with results - results that athletes have been relying on for over 25 years.

Machines or free weights?

For more advanced gym users, you get a better workout from free weights because the nature of the instability means you engage more muscles to control them.  However, for general use, machines have a lot lower risk for injuries. Even experienced lifters can benefit from the fact that you can mix entire routines using Hammer Strength machines. You can hit certain muscle from a specific angle to train it further with the control the machine gives you.

Hammer Strength machines specifically give you the freedom to stack up on plates put even more weight than for example with a barbell. Also, you can use the machines without a spotter which gives you a lot more freedom to you. 

Hammer Strength at Cynergi

At Cynergi you can work out in our dedicated Hammer Strength ‘gym-within-a-gym’ without interruption. With the combination of strength and cardio equipment from the global leader, Lifefitness, we are the first gym in Malta to reach the world-class standard in health and fitness. Take a look of the photos below and come visit us at Cynergi, the best gym in Malta - well, at least in our opinion! 






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