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Functional Training at Its Best

Our refurbished gym offers some amazing functional and TRX training opportunities. At Cynergi it’s all about space to MOVE! Whether you want to work out your core, practice your footwork or lunge all the way to the door, our functional training zone gives you the room you need to do your thing.   

What is functional training?

The idea behind functional training is simple - to perform exercises that mimic real life since, after all, it is in real life you need your health and physics the most. Be it lunges, pulling or pushing, functional training uses your own body weight and free weights to move the body the way it was designed to move. 

Benefits of functional training

Functional training builds strength, mobility and stability for joints which decreases the risk for injuries that can occur in our everyday lives. With weak joints, you can hurt yourself even with doing basic chores, not even speaking about fast-pace sports. Also, bodybuilders use functional training to target core muscles of the abdomen and lower back.  

TRX programmes at Cynergi

If you want to have some functional fun, try out our TRX training area. With TRX® Suspension Training, kettle bells, slam balls, medicine balls and BOSU® balance trainers, you can teach your body how to move naturally while strengthening and conditioning your muscles. We also recommend you to get in touch with one of our internationally qualified personal trainers in order to reach your fitness goals more safely and effectively through a tailored programme. 

Charge your body at Cynergi

Functional training was initially developed in order to correct movement disorders and help rehabilitate from injuries, so that people could perform their daily activities without difficulties. Today, the training methods are adapted to benefit everyone. Whether you are a bodybuilder or a beginner, functional training provides you with the strength and stability you need for your life and sports. Do your joints a favour and join Cynergi today


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