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6.Train Productive

There are two types of people in most gyms: there are those who have a plan, hit the machines with vigour, and bang out three sets of ten like a pro. Then there are those of us who wander into the club, spend 10 minutes here and there on whatever machines are available at the time, and maybe try to copy those buff guys in the free weights area (with a couple of half-hearted bicep curls or bench presses before slinking off to the steam room and spa).  Truth is: both types of people can benefit from the direction of a good personal trainer, cutting out the wasted time, sharpening up the exercise plan, and maximising the results by making each session more productive.

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A good personal trainer is your life coach, nutrition guide and encourager all in one!  Without them, you may reach your fitness goals, but it will be harder, it will probably take longer, and it won’t be anywhere near as much fun!

Here’s the top ten things you can only get from a date with a personal trainer:

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Tuesday, 07 November 2017 08:55

What Keeps Me Motivated-Andrew Farrugia

What Keeps Me Motivated Title Cover

As well as being a qualified personal trainer, and an accountant holding the role of COO in a listed company, Andrew Farrugia is an ex-national sprinter turned natural physique athlete and an anti-doping ambassador for Malta.  He’s also a long-term Cynergi member, and a former member of the team.

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Bea Cynergi Gym Malta

A few weeks ago we had a chat with Mike about personal training, a fitness topic that has been gathering more and more traction worldwide during the recent years. This week it happens to be Bea’s turn to give her take on the topic. 

Bea is small but mighty! As Cynergi’s fitness supervisor, workmates lovingly refer to her as ‘Drill Sergeant in Tights’. But as a personal trainer, she is a lot more forgiving and understanding - yet exceptionally thorough. Like a mad scientist, she sits in the dark corner of her office with Excel tables open and analyses her clients’ progress after each session. It doesn’t get more devoted than that!

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Michael Hughes

Personal training is one of the hottest fitness trends right now. But there are still many questions surrounding that topic. Who exactly should have a PT? What are the benefits of having a personal coach? What kind of people choose to become personal trainers?

To find out more, we met up with some of Cynergi’s personal trainers and asked them some questions about their work and journey towards becoming a PT. 

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