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5 Benefits of taking up a Class

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Are you one of those people who regularly checks out your gym’s group class schedule, but never pluck up the courage to actually attend one? If so, you’re missing out, and here are 5 reasons why...

Classes shake it up 
Tread mill. Power mill. Free Weights. Repeat. 

A common reason for people to lose motivation and stop training altogether is that the workouts become stagnant after you’ve been doing them for a while. 
Classes shake things up and offer new challenges day in, day out. Picture yourself in a Lifecycle session with upbeat music blasting from the speakers, while tackling hills and sprints with energetic moves, versus, a solo jog on a treadmill. You may burn the same amount of calories during both workouts, except you’ll have a hell of a time in the group exercise.

Simply put, attending a class—whether it's spinning, yoga, or a mix of cardio and strength—can spice things up and help push you to a new level.Cardiclass
Classes help you meet new people
Classes can be a great way to meet likeminded people. If you’re new to Malta looking to make new connections, or have been here a while but wish to grow your networks, classes can definitely be the place for this. 

When you become part of the furniture (or more so, the equipment) in a fitness class, you start to see the same faces on a regular basis, making it easier to stir up conversation, exchange social media deets and perhaps even meet up outside of the gym. 

Let’s face it, there’s no better ice-breaker than getting hot and sweaty together. 
Classes are great if you’re in a hurry
Short on time and want to get the most out of your workout? You may not believe it, but working out in a class may actually save you time

Solo workouts, means your workout time could be unpredictable. You may find yourself waiting around between sets, or exercises, stopping for chats, or dragging your feet from one machine to the next when you are in no mood to work out. Classes are fast-paced, giving you no time to waste in between exercises. 

BONUS: If you’re looking to squeeze in a cheeky workout in your lunch break, Cynergi has a range of 45 minute lunchtime classes, meaning you get a FULL 45 minute workout during office hours. 

Leave the office knowing your exercise for the day is already crossed-off your to-do list. You can’t get more productive than that!
Classes push you to your limit 



All too often do we hear fitness instructors shout these words. They may seem like just a short string of words, but boy do they go a long way. Picture yourself in an  Insanity class, pushing through a set of Burpees with energy levels dwindling by the second. All of a sudden your instructor shouts “CHALLENGE YOURSELF” over the blaring music, you witness the tired and sweaty faces of the people around you and realise you are in it together. Your determination pushes your ‘can’t do attitude’ aside and you’re motivated more than ever to prove to yourself that YOU CAN DO IT. 
Classes give you direction
Avoid Injuries: In a class, you’ll have a qualified fitness professional whose job is not only to motivate you but also to make sure you have the correct form and are doing things the right way. You might find that you’re not sticking out your bum enough in a squat, or arching your back in a plank, which could lead to injuries that are easily avoidable by working out in a class. 

Learn new exercises: You will probably pick up new exercises during classes which will broaden your fitness repertoire. Besides spicing up the class workout, you can apply the new exercises to those days you choose to work out alone, avoiding those monotonous solo workouts.

Fancy giving a class a go?

With over 35 FREE group exercise classes each week for all members (and €8 per class for non-members), there's something to suit all fitness goals at Cynergi, so check out the group exercise schedule to discover the classes for you!

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