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The Static Stretch - Outdated or Understated

(This blog is brought to you by ‘The Physio Specialists’, a new addition to Cynergi Health and Fitness Club!)

Nowadays it has become a well-established fact that warming up prior to a work-out should be dynamic and full of movement. So where does the classic static stretch come in to play? In a day and age were cutting edge technology is being introduced into the world of injury prevention and rehabilitation, does the static stretch still have a role to play at all? 

The Physiology Corner

First of all, let’s have a look at the physiology of static stretching, what’s actually happening inside those muscle fibres and finally what are the benefits of the static stretch?

The basic concept of static stretching is simple enough to explain, we maintain a tissue in its elongated state for a prolonged period of time in order to get said tissue to “elongate” and therefore move more freely and effectively in day to day life. This obviously has serious implications in the sports injury prevention and athletic performance world but also effects the quality of life of any individual. 


10 things you can only get from a personal trainer- Part 2

10 Things You Can Only  Get From A Personal Trainer

6.Train Productive

There are two types of people in most gyms: there are those who have a plan, hit the machines with vigour, and bang out three sets of ten like a pro. Then there are those of us who wander into the club, spend 10 minutes here and there on whatever machines are available at the time, and maybe try to copy those buff guys in the free weights area (with a couple of half-hearted bicep curls or bench presses before slinking off to the steam room and spa).  Truth is: both types of people can benefit from the direction of a good personal trainer, cutting out the wasted time, sharpening up the exercise plan, and maximising the results by making each session more productive.


10 Things You Can Only Get From a Personal Trainer-Part 1

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A good personal trainer is your life coach, nutrition guide and encourager all in one!  Without them, you may reach your fitness goals, but it will be harder, it will probably take longer, and it won’t be anywhere near as much fun!

Here’s the top ten things you can only get from a date with a personal trainer:

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