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Mental Health- Fitness for a healthy mind

Today, 10th October marks the annual World Mental Health day. Such a day will hopefully help raise the profile of mental health issues and reduce the stigma that still exists, preventing people from seeking help.


10 of the best Superfoods for exercise and fitness

Quinoa Breakfastheader

They say you are what you eat, so it stands to reason that a diet packed with nutritious foods will help you on your way to getting the best fitness and sports results.Here, we look at the best ‘superfoods’ to help you along with your fitness regime – from carbohydrate-packed porridge and quinoa, to beetroot for high-intensive performance improvements.


Learn All About LifeCycle Classes

I’m Duncan Abdilla, a 31 year old long distance runner. I train for half marathons, 10km and 5km road races but also track races in 1500m, 5000m and 10000m distances. If I had to choose my favourite distance, it will be hard to decide, because every race is a different story, but if I really had to choose, then I would opt for the 10000m on the track. 

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