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10 things you can only get from a personal trainer- Part 2

6.Train Productive

There are two types of people in most gyms: there are those who have a plan, hit the machines with vigour, and bang out three sets of ten like a pro. Then there are those of us who wander into the club, spend 10 minutes here and there on whatever machines are available at the time, and maybe try to copy those buff guys in the free weights area (with a couple of half-hearted bicep curls or bench presses before slinking off to the steam room and spa).  Truth is: both types of people can benefit from the direction of a good personal trainer, cutting out the wasted time, sharpening up the exercise plan, and maximising the results by making each session more productive.


10 Things You Can Only Get From a Personal Trainer-Part 1

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A good personal trainer is your life coach, nutrition guide and encourager all in one!  Without them, you may reach your fitness goals, but it will be harder, it will probably take longer, and it won’t be anywhere near as much fun!

Here’s the top ten things you can only get from a date with a personal trainer:


5 Stages of getting back to the Gym after the Holidays

Getting Back Into Shape

When it hits you..

Christmas is now behind us, children are back in school while adults march back to work! Christmas is a time for giving, a time for family and friends, but most importantly it is a time to eat. Now that Christmas has passed, something feels empty, everything might feel empty. Everything but your stomach!

This is the time it hits you... you got to get back in shape.


‘I’m going to start on Monday..... next Monday!’

The single most difficult part of getting yourself back to the gym is actually getting yourself to the Gym.  Some (me included) delay for weeks and weeks, and before you know it, it’s almost summer and you realise your favourite shirt doesn’t quite fit you anymore.

This year, I promised myself it would be different, even though I have already missed a couple of Mondays, I’m determined to find myself back at Cynergi NEXT Monday.


Those left over Panettoni...

Receiving hampers for Christmas is very much ingrained in our Maltese society. In turn, this leads to catastrophic results, in terms of Calories. Who doesn’t like to chill in front of the fireplace, watching his/her favourite movie with a box of Baci right beside them? The temptation is real, and unfortunately for our diets, these treats only seem to run out just in time for Easter.


Muscle aches that last for days...

It’s Monday and you finally make your way to the Gym. You have a great work out, maybe chill in the spa facilities Cynergi offer and then make your way back home, rejuvenated and glad you have set yourself back on track. You resist the temptation of eating a fatty meal and go to bed determined to make it back to the gym the next day.

You wake up in the morning and sure enough... you can barely move. Delaying your progress for another day (or ten).


Back to feeling good about yourself

After all the eating, delaying and aching, when you finally get back on track you remember how good it feels to feel fit. You start questioning why you even took a hiatus at all, knowing all well and good, that you will be doing the same next Christmas

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